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During the year 2015 alone, Fasba Fpel released 100 improv albums featuring dozens of incredible guest stars, mostly from around the Salt Lake Valley.

The “Book” series was our main, weekly series in which we would jam, often with strangers for an entirety of 40 minutes with no stopping or pre-planned material.

The recording session for each “Book” included a “test jam” at the beginning to ensure all of the equipment and levels were decent before the full jam, these shorter jams would be compiled as “The Dark Diary” series.

To help us with our goal of releasing 100 albums, we tried some other experiments, made a “studio album,” a “live album,” and had a “Jamunity” series in which we would create a supergroup with some of our favorite guest stars. We also remastered old practice challenges and released them in a “Prequel” series.

More recently we’ve released a remastered version of “Book XXXIV: Twisted Moto” under the name “Fasba” and have many other ideas in planning stages.